It's Official: iPhone XS Max Is The World's Fastest Smartphone

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Performance benchmarks for the Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are beginning to trickle in. As expected, the new phones provide a substantial processing boost over Apple's previous iPhone handsets. According to the latest Geekbench 4 results, they also run rings around every Android smartphone on the market. Here are the numbers!

Mark Spoonauer over on Tom's Guide has been busy running the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max through a series of synthetic benchmarks. Powered by a new 7-nanometer A12 processor - which comprises of a four-core CPU, six-core GPU an eight-core neural engine - both phones are purportedly 15 percent faster than the original iPhone X. But how do they fare when subjected to third-party benchmark software?

Here's how the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max scored in Geekbench 4's multicore benchmark compared to other leading phones on the market. (Geekbench 4 scores are calibrated against a baseline score of 4000 - the higher the score, the better.)

Image: Tom's Guide

That's quite a numerical leap. Interestingly, the new phones only provided an 11 per cent improvement over the iPhone X, which isn't quite the 15 per cent claimed by Apple. Nevertheless, this is a very impressive result and it sets a new benchmark for other manufacturers to try and beat.

The iPhone XS and XS Max trumped every other phone in a variety of other benchmarks, including video editing, app opening times and 3D graphics rendering. You can check out the full results at the link below.

Will you be buying the iPhone XS on launch day? Do you are about phone benchmarks or do you prescribe to the notion that all flagship phones are fast enough? Share you thoughts in the comments section below.

[Via Tom's Guide]


    Just out of curiosity, are the apps actually requiring this level of computing power?

      Yep, it’s called Pro-Android-Apple-Hater app

      Video editing, some games, and a few other applications will benefit from the increased processing power. It will also make the iPhone generally faster, better able to do stuff in the background, and have less need to offload processor intensive tasks to a server (which means some tasks will be faster AND use less data)

      Does anything actually require this level of computing power? No

        Video editing really doesn't require that much power, particularly when the storage doesn't exist to saturate the processor.

    Already pre-ordered my XS. It's been a couple years since my last upgrade, and thanks to Apple's fuckery around discontinuing the X (which I was hoping to get if it came down in price after this launch), this will be my first time ever getting the latest model of anything. Turns out I'm not actually paying much more (literally a couple bucks a month) than when I got a 6S after the 8/X came out.

    I guess it's just one of those times where the planets aligned.

    instead of benchmark, i prefer user experience from the phone itself.

    You'd hope so for the price of a gaming PC.

      Where the hell are you getting gaming PCs that cheaply? A proper gaming PC runs more like 3-4 grand, not 1.5-2k!

        if you buy the pre-made crap at Harvey Norman maybe. 2k can easily get you a GTX1080 with an i7 and 16gb ram minimum if you build yourself.

        Gaming PC doesn't mean that you build a pc with an intel i7 8700k and 1080Ti? I built my PC for 1145$ ( I7-4790, GTX 760, Asrock Pro 4 H97, 16Gb ram) and it can still run any game. Of course over time I've upgraded, but it was more about me treating myself than necessity.

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