Five Great Headphone Deals

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Headphones have become an essential part of our everyday kit. With almost everyone carrying a massive library of music, audiobooks and podcasts in their pockets, a decent set of headphones is a must for blocking out the background hum of the world and immersing yourself in a different world. Catch has a massive headphone sale on at the moment with a style and price for everyone. You can save up to 75%!

Sony H.Ear In Wireless Headphones

At just $99, these headphones normally retail for almost $300. Although they don’t have active noise cancellation, they are lightweight, connect over Bluetooth and boast up to 7.5 hours of battery life. They come in any colour you like – as long as it’s black.

Skullcandy Navigator Headphones

Equipped with an inline microphone, the Skull Candy Navigator headphones will set you back just $19.95 – that’s just a quarter of the regular price. They come wth a drawstring carry bag and let you take calls while you’re tuned into your favourite tunes.

Sony Children’s Headphones

Even kids need a nice set of headphones. And if you’re looking for something to add to the Christmas stocking then Sony have something for you. These pink headphones are light, have padded cups and will set you back a mere $14.99 – saving you almost $40 from the usual price.

JBL Reflect Fit Heart Rate Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Jabra are breaching the gap between listening to music and helping you stay healthy. These $169 headphones – down from $229 – include a heart rate monitor so you can keep track of your ticker while you train to some pumping tunes.

Parrot Zik 3 Wireless Headphones

So, $200 is a lot for a set of headphones. But that’s a lot less than the retail price of almost $600 that Parrot usually slaps on the Zik 3 Wireless Headphones. With active noise cancellation, integrated microphone for taking calls and wireless charging capability, the Zik 3 Wireless Headphones are luxury for your ears.


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