Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: What's Different? [Infographic]

With each new smartphone launch, Samsung releases a handy infographic that compares the latest model to its direct predecessor (even though this tends to highlight how markedly similar both products are.) This year, it's the Samsung Galaxy Note 9's turn.

As mentioned, the infographic below was created by Samsung. However, it's just a straightforward comparison of specifications, so you don't need to worry about bias.

As you can see, the Note9 has a slightly bigger screen (6.2-inches vs 6.3-inches), a beefier battery (3300mAh vs 4000mAh), an improved S Pen stylus with inbuilt Bluetooth support and up to 512GB of internal storage. The native resolution, processor, speakers and camera are all pretty much the same, however. You can read a more through breakdown of the new phone here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Everything You Need To Know [Updated]

We can finally dispense with the endless leaks and rumours - the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has officially arrived! Here are the specifications, pricing details and release date for the Australian market.

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