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  • Specs Showdown: Samsung Galaxy S9+ Vs Samsung Galaxy Note8

    The Samsung Galaxy S9+ has been crowned the king of the Androids. However, with Oreo support on the way, many are wondering whether the stylus-equipped Note8 might be a better buy – especially now that it’s a little cheaper. For the perennial fence-sitter, it’s now time to make a decision: do you stump up the…

  • Rapid Review: Samsung Galaxy Note8

    The Samsung Galaxy Note8 was released in Australia in August, 2017. After a few short months, it’s about to be superseded by the Galaxy S9+ as Samsung’s head-honcho smartphone. Should you buy it? Let’s take a look.

  • The Best Cases To Protect Your Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    If you’ve just invested in a Samsung Note 8, Samsung’s most expensive phone yet, then you’re going to want to protect it from the inevitable drops, dings and dents that seem to occur whenever you pull it out of your pocket. But which Note 8 phone case is right for you? Here’s some of our…