The Cheapest NBN Plans In Australia

Some people like the finer things in life: Lambos and lobster, Gucci and foie gras. This article is not for those people.

This is a call for all of the bargain hunters who know that you don’t need to pay a premium to have a fast, reliable internet connection. It’s also for those of you who aren’t afraid to take a punt on the newer service providers who tend to offer the best prices.

The tables are separated by the different speed tiers, and I’ve put the faster speeds first. Personally, I think most people should consider an NBN 50 plan; it’s currently the happy medium between price and performance. And I’ve left NBN 12 plans at the end because anyone who actually wants to use the internet should give these a miss.

Cheapest NBN 100 plans

The secret to finding a bargain is to see if you can live without unlimited data. The plans with under 100GB would be a challenge for most households, but I’d argue that a lot of us could get by with a 200GB plan. You could at least test the theory and increase the data in your plan later if you need to.

Based on what we know about the average peak hour speeds of the providers listed, Aussie Broadband is reporting the fastest speeds, followed by Internode and Exetel.

Cheapest NBN 50 plans

Thanks to NBNco’s discounted NBN 50 wholesale pricing, Standard Plus plans are the most discounted, and the pricing is generally the most aggressive.

It’s hard to tell the group in this apart. All of the plans are pretty similar, no-frills options. Most of these are no-contract plans, so you can take a look and switch later if you don’t like the service. The guys at Mate Communicate are worth a look, according to their score on Product Review.

Cheapest NBN 25 plans

Poor NBN 25 plans: the redheaded stepchildren of the NBN family. The flow-on effect from NBNco making NBN 50 plans cheaper is that NBN 25 plans now look far less attractive. That said, the Standard speed tier is fast enough for everyday web use, so if you find a bargain it is worth a closer look.

Cheapest NBN 12 plans

As I said above, you should skip NBN 12 plans and scroll back up to the faster tiers, unless you have basic internet needs. We ran a survey a few months ago and NBN 12 users were the most dissatisfied NBN customers by a wide margin. Do yourself a favour and take another look at those NBN 50 plans.

Australia's Best NBN Plans, Ranked By Speed [Updated]

When it comes to the NBN, we know that plans and providers are not all equal. Despite standard speed tiers, the performance in our homes varies quite a bit, especially during the evening peak times.

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Joe Hanlon is Publisher at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website. He’s been writing about phones and plans for far too long.


    I'm pretty happy with my NBN 12 plan. 100gb/ month $35. No contract thru Telecube.

      I pay the same price but get 1000gb aka the XL plan. Was a promotion until end of last month something like $5/month off each plan. No contract no setup fee no nothing.. Just a porting fee for the voip phone to come across from my previous provider.

    Why are your lists always incomplete? MyRepublic is a notable exclusion.

    I'm currently on HFC cable that gives me 4mbps at the most.
    As the HFC is being cut-over to the NBN (not replaced), is there any point is going higher than the NBN12 when it's unlikely I will ever get anything faster than that?

    Last edited 20/07/18 1:48 pm

    Recently recontracted my NBN to OPTUS. I got their 75$ plan with 50/20 speed. knocked 10$ a month off cause mobile is with them and then another 10$ a month (for 6 months) as i had been with them for my previous 2 years NBN contract. as i already had their current standard modem the put in their premium wifi with AC modem as well.
    So i got $55 plan and a free premium modem.
    You can push them a little bit for some extras as competition is tight around that 60-80 plans, and these companies like to keep their customers. Always ask your current provider what they can do before you go off and make a switch.
    You can prompt them just with a simple oh, thats the same as Telstras offering. but id have to swap my mobile over too. I like the convenience of 1 bill.

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