The Cheapest NBN Plans In Australia

The Cheapest NBN Plans In Australia
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Whether you like it or not, the NBN means you’ll have to have change your internet plan sooner or later. If you don’t switch within 18 months of the NBN going live in your area, there’s a good chance you’ll lose your traditional phone and internet services. 

A little over 11 million premises are currently able to connect to the NBN, but just under seven million of these have taken up a connection. This means at least five million households are staring down the barrel of disconnection.

Switching to the NBN might seem like a lot of effort – especially because the plans might seem more expensive – but to help out, we’ve picked out some of the cheapest plans across the four main speed tiers.

Whether you’re connecting for the first time or are looking to save some money by swapping to a cheaper provider, here are some of the best NBN bargains around.

The cheapest NBN 100 plans

One of the best ways to get a bargain is to downsize from unlimited data. SpinTel, for example, has a 200GB NBN 100 plan for $74.95 per month. When you exclude promotional pricing, $79 tends to be the minimum you’ll spend for an NBN 100 plan with unlimited data.

Opting for a plan with a capped allowance is a great way to save when it comes to more premium providers like Superloop and Aussie Broadband, both of whom report some of the fastest peak hour NBN speeds. Superloop has a 500GB plan for $79.95 per month, down from $89.95 per month for unlimited, and Aussie prices its 500GB plan at $85 per month, down from $89.

There are also plenty of providers offering promotional discounts on NBN 100 plans. Tangerine, for example, will cut $15 per month from your bill for your first six months. This means you’ll pay $74.90 per month for an unlimited NBN 100 plan initially, and then $89.90 per month thereafter. And since the plan is contract-free, you’re always able to jump ship to another provider when your discount runs out.

The cheapest NBN 50 plans

NBN 50 is easily the most popular speed tier, offering a nice balance between speed and value. SpinTel is once again a great choice if you don’t need unlimited data, offering 200GB for $54.95 per month.

Belong has an NBN 50 plan for just 5 cents more per month, but it has a few catches. The plan is capped at 30Mbps, rather than 50Mbps, making it only a little bit faster than an NBN 25 plan. You’ll also need to sign a 12-month contract to get this deal, but hey, it’s always great to have another option.

Tangerine, Internode, and Southern Phone all have timed discounts where you can save money on your first six months of connectivity, but if you’d prefer to avoid those, you Mate and MyRepublic have the cheapest unlimited NBN 50 plans when you excluded promotional offers priced at $69 per month.

The cheapest NBN 25 plans

NBN 25 is a standard no-frills internet connection, but it’s still fast enough for more demanding tasks like 4K streaming. If you don’t need unlimited data, you can get a 200GB plan from SpinTel as little as $49.95 per month. If you’d prefer unlimited, you’re looking at a minimum of $59 per month once you exclude promotional discounts.

The cheapest NBN 12 plans

NBN 12 connections are very much the bare minimum when it comes to NBN, offering ADSL-like download speeds of up to 12Mbps. While NBN 12 plans are the slowest option available, they’re not exactly cheaper. Plans tend to start around $59 per month, but for that kinda cash, you can get an NBN 25 plan instead. And you definitely should.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.

This article was originally written by Joe Hanlon and has since been updated.

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    • I pay the same price but get 1000gb aka the XL plan. Was a promotion until end of last month something like $5/month off each plan. No contract no setup fee no nothing.. Just a porting fee for the voip phone to come across from my previous provider.

  • I’m currently on HFC cable that gives me 4mbps at the most.
    As the HFC is being cut-over to the NBN (not replaced), is there any point is going higher than the NBN12 when it’s unlikely I will ever get anything faster than that?

  • Recently recontracted my NBN to OPTUS. I got their 75$ plan with 50/20 speed. knocked 10$ a month off cause mobile is with them and then another 10$ a month (for 6 months) as i had been with them for my previous 2 years NBN contract. as i already had their current standard modem the put in their premium wifi with AC modem as well.
    So i got $55 plan and a free premium modem.
    You can push them a little bit for some extras as competition is tight around that 60-80 plans, and these companies like to keep their customers. Always ask your current provider what they can do before you go off and make a switch.
    You can prompt them just with a simple oh, thats the same as Telstras offering. but id have to swap my mobile over too. I like the convenience of 1 bill.

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