Make Fitness Trail Exercises Even More Challenging

Make Fitness Trail Exercises Even More Challenging

You can get any level of workout from our fitness trail challenge, no matter what equipment you find. We’ve already discussed a few ways you can modify the exercises to be easier, if that’s what you need, but now let’s talk about how to get even more of a challenge.

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How To Use The Equipment On Outdoor Fitness Trails

If you've ventured out looking for fitness trails for the Lifehacker Fitness Challenge, you may have noticed some mysterious unlabelled equipment. What are you supposed to do with this bar near the ground? This slanted bench? Here are your answers.

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  • Run more. If you’ve been walking or jogging between the stations, try running harder. If the stations are placed close together, go off the trail every few stations to run some extra distance.
  • Wear a weighted vest. Everything will be harder, especially pull-ups.
  • Do single or single-arm exercises. Jumping or squatting moves are great on one leg. Try one-armed push-ups by using the easier (higher bar) push-up station. Work toward one-armed pull-ups by grabbing a pair of rings at different levels
  • Dip hops. Do a dip between the parallel bars, but as you push up, push explosively and try to hop forward. This hurts my hands just watching, but it’s got to be a heck of a workout.

Have you found any creative ways to use the equipment at your fitness trail, either to make it more challenging or just more fun?