7 Tips To Become A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Guru [Infographic]

7 Tips To Become A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Guru [Infographic]
Image: Microsoft

Lifehacker AU is never one to shy away from doling out handy Microsoft Excel spreadsheet tips. Chances are you’ve had to deal in spreadsheets for as long as you’ve been able to rest your hands on a keyboard. Here’s some Excel techniques that will come in handy for any one strapped to an office desk throughout the day.

Courtesy of Reddit’s infographics and STL comes these seven techniques that’ll have you jumping around and inputting data like an absolute professional. Who doesn’t want to be an Excel pro? You can put that on your resume, tell your friends, bring it up at bars, let everyone on Facebook know — really, you can be the Excel Guru. Everyone will come to you for advice.

There’s plenty of great guides out there, but this one puts some of the essential tricks right there. Print it out and slap it next to the PC.

The infographic is below.

Image: STL

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