iPhone 8 (PRODUCT)RED Edition: Australian Pricing And Release Date

iPhone 8 (PRODUCT)RED Edition: Australian Pricing And Release Date
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For the second year running, Apple is releasing (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition of its phones. Here’s what we know about them and when you can get them.

Most importantly, and unlike last year, they won’t be available for the flagship models. That’s right, no shiny red casings for you, iPhone X users. They’re only going to be available for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

But the X hasn’t been completely forgotten. There will be an iPhone X Italian leather cover available, so that’s something.

The (PRODUCT)RED phone’s are produced in partnership with AIDS charity (RED), who Apple has worked with for over a decade. An undisclosed amount of the proceeds from the sales will go towards the testing, treatment and counselling for people living with HIV/AIDS across the world.

In the past, Apple has released other special red products to help (RED), such as an iPod nano, Apple Watch band, apps and an iPad case.

The iPhone 8 64GB retails for $1079 and the 256GB retails for $1329. The iPhone 8 Plus 64GB will cost $1229 and the 256GB model is $1479.

The (PRODUCT)RED Special Editions will go on sale in Australia tomorrow.

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