ServiceNSW Is Experiencing Technical Problems Due To CTP Green Slip Refund System

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A technical issue at Service NSW has resulted in transactions at service centres, the contact centre and online to be experiencing major delays. If you are trying to process transactions with the service right now, you're likely going to run into trouble - and it appears that the CTP Green Slip refund service is to blame.

As we reported earlier this morning, Service NSW is now providing refunds to the 4.2 million vehicle owners that registered their vehicles before November 30, 2017.

Due to the popularity of the system, it appears that Service NSW is experiencing technical issues.

A statement on the site, if you can get through, simply reads:

"The CTP refunds available to over 4 million NSW citizens are providing (sic) to be more popular than anticipated. Apologies for the inconvenience, some people might experience a short delay due to volume of transactions being carried out on our website. We are working hard to fix the issues. If you are experiencing delays, please revisit our website again shortly."

Further to that, responding to users on Twitter, Service NSW is giving a pretty standard response:

Due to a technical issue, transactions are not available at service centres, online or at our contact centre. The CTP refunds have proved to be more popular than anticipated. Please delay transactions until we can update you further.

Responding to another user, the service stated that "The CTP refunds have proved to be more popular than anticipated".

Seems like a giant bungle to not anticipate that the 4.2 million people entitled to a refund weren't going to try and claim that refund? Sure - the website probably doesn't experience this kind of traffic on a usual Monday, but with the CTP Refund scheme long in planning, it doesn't make sense to put that system online without doing a little bandwidth testing.

It seems the issues are largely intermittent, so worth trying to get online if you've got some transactions pending.


    They use Salesforce for the website so this could have easily been planned for, another failure by the minister

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