Pick The Best Board Game To Play In Any Situation With This Flow Chart

Pick The Best Board Game To Play In Any Situation With This Flow Chart

If you’ve finally gotten a group together for a game night – or if it’s family game time – and you have no idea what to play, this chart can help.

The flow chart, from Silver Oak Online Casino, is pretty extensive and covers a wide range of games. It has the classics, including Monopoly and Life, as well as the more intense stuff, such as Arkham Horror and Carcassonne. It even includes card games like Cribbage and party games like Twister. It narrows things down by age, play time and what style of game everyone is into. So start at the top and see where you and your group end up.

Pick The Best Board Game To Play In Any Situation With This Flow Chart

[Via Silver Oak Casino]


  • I really like that if you answer no to “are you a huge nerd” you get asked later on if you “are in mensa”. It’s also hilarious that the “do you really like spending money” option points to magic as being expensive and not warhammer.

    • Speaking as both a huge nerd and a member of Mensa, I can say from experience that most Mensa members are not huge nerds at all. Some, certainly. But high intelligence != nerdy.

    • actually cribbage can be played with 2-4 players – the card distribution changes though. with 3 you deal 5 cards to each player +1 to the crib, and each player giving 1 card to it. with 4 you play in two teams of two, with the team members sitting in an order of 1,2,1,2 – each player gets 5 cards and gives one to the crib. it’s a much more interesting/exciting game that way

  • Actually, while crib can be played with two people, it’s a game for 2, 3, or 4, and is often more enjoyable with more than two.

  • I really like the idea of this chart, but as a parent of a six year old I’m a little disappointed that Life and Sorry! are the only two games which they suggest as using real rules that adults will enjoy. My daughter loves Lords of Waterdeep and can hold her own, she’s also pretty awesome at Dixit, Dungeon! and a number of others. Give them more credit and you’ll often be surprised.

  • “Are you completely screwed in the head?” –> Yes –> “Card Game?” –> Yes –> “Cards Against Humanity”

  • how is anyone playing arkham horror in less than two hours??? the set up alone takes that long

  • I don’t see Munchkin on here. I like Munchkin. Why is Munchkin not on here? I like Star Munchkin too, but the original is best. I have all the overpriced expansion sets, I like looking at the pictures.

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