Facebook Messenger Is Down Right Now

Image: iStock

Did your friends get really quiet all of a sudden? It's not just you — Facebook Messenger seems to be experiencing a global outage at the moment.

Facebook is down and people are not coping right now. It's not just the app — connection problems are preventing chat from loading in browser too. Aussie Outages received a spike of 1450 reports in the last hour, with the problem first occuring at 10:19pm.

With so many people starting to rely on Messenger as their main form of communication, a lot of people are taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

In classic Facebook form, we've heard nothing official about the source of the problems, or when they're expected to be fixed. Not everyone is having connection issues, so we can hope it'll be fixed soon for those of us who are. Time to look for a new messaging app, maybe?


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