Dealhacker: 20% Off Microsoft Surface Pro And Surface Laptops

The Surface Laptop was one of my favourite products this year. I don’t know where I’d be without it. If you’re looking to pick up some of Microsoft’s Surface line, then you can grab them for 20% off right now.

How can you get the deal? This one is on offer at Harvey Norman, who have survived the supposed retail apocalypse that Amazon Australia was the harbinger of. All Surface Pro and Surface Laptop models are carrying the 20% off, but Surface Books are not included in the sale.

Interestingly, JB Hi-Fi has some good prices on Surface products too, if you’re not all about that Gerry Harvey life.

You can order from Harvey Norman or JB Hi-Fi online, but physically going into the store may help you snag a bargain with added peripherals such as the Surface dock.

There is no end date listed on the site, but from past experience, these types of deals seem to run all the way up to Christmas and cross into Boxing Day sales too. I’d recommend keeping an eye on the price over the next couple of weeks to really snag yourself a bargain.



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