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  • Everything to Know About the New Microsoft Surfaces

    Everything to Know About the New Microsoft Surfaces

    When you’re thinking of picking up a new laptop, Microsoft wants you to think of Surface. And during its big September event, the company not only debuted Copilot, its AI-focused assistant rolling out with the next big Windows 11 update, it also showcased two new Surface laptops, both of which could shake up the current…

  • Six Deals You Need To Know About In Australia Today

    Everyone loves a good deal and no one understands that better than the writers here at Lifehacker. To get you started today, here are some online sales worth emptying your digital wallets for, including robotic vacuum cleaners, laptops, portable speakers and more.

  • Should You Buy An OLED Laptop? (OLED Vs LCD)

    All of the major PC makers including Samsung, Lenovo, Asus, Razer, HP and Dell have started to offer high-end OLED laptops. Unlike a conventional LCD display which relies on a backlight to illuminate the screen, each individual pixel on an OLED (which stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode) emits its own light and can be…