The Best Deals From eBay’s New Tech Sale

The Best Deals From eBay’s New Tech Sale
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You may have seen that eBay is running a 20 per cent off promotion in five big tech stores – but you don’t want to have to sift through everything to find some of the best deals, right? Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some great products going and have all the links you need right here!

In case you missed it yesterday, eBay is currently running a week long sale where you can get 20% off at five online stores – Ryda, Dell, Videopro, Vaya and Graysonline. To get the extra 20% off, all you need to do is add the codeword “PIXELS” when checking out. (The full terms and conditions are here.)

If you click on the subject heading, you’ll be directed to the shop front for those particular items! There’s plenty in there and worth taking a look through the listings.

Cheap eBay Headphones

A couple of noise-cancelling headphones that we really like are going pretty cheap:

  • The Bose QC35 are arguably the best on the market and are going for $380. If you’re not too fussed about the wireless, you can get the QC25 for $261.60
  • The Sony MDR1000X are one of Sony’s best and are currently $354.40
  • There’s also the Beats Solo 3, for those inclined to go with Dr Dre’s favourites, though these are not noise-cancelling. They’ll set you back $239.20
  • The AKG K451 are a solid pair too and currently worth $240.76

Cheap eBay Smartphones

If you’re looking to buy a phone outright, here are some crackers:

Cheap eBay Gadgets

  • The king of the drones, the DJI Mavic Pro 4K, is a cool $1256. Not the best price I’ve ever seen it at, but certainly a good price.
  • The GoPro Hero 5 Black for $428 is nice.
  • GoPro do make excellent action cams, but I also like the Sony FDRx3000 which is a fantastic substitute with a little extra features built in. It’s going for $476.80.

Cheap eBay TVs

The TV deals in this sale are excellent but the stock levels are fairly low. I checked last night and again this morning and already took some of the bargains off the list because they’ve sold out. As it stands, here are some of the better TVs:

Cheap eBay Laptops

A couple of real good laptop prices from the Dell store. These guys also have a lot of high end Alienware products for 20% off, which are some of the cheapest prices you’ll find, if they haven’t been price-jacked for the sale.

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