eBay Has 20% Off iPhones, Laptops, Headphones, Wine And More!

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It's beginning to feel like eBay has a 20% off sale every week but who am I to complain? This deal focuses on five eBay stores: Ryda, Dell, VideoPro, Vaya and GraysOnline. Keen for some cheap tech? We've got the deal right here.

Yep, eBay are at it again. Like previous 20% off deals, all you need to do is chuck in a codeword during the sale. This time around that code word is:


However, unlike some of the previous sales, this sale is limited to only five stores:

The terms and conditions of the sale are available here. In brief, the maximum discount you can get is $1000 per transaction, you are limited to three transactions per person and the discount does not apply to postage costs. You will also need an Australian PayPal account. Pretty standard stuff, then.

The sale started this morning at 10am and runs until 11:59pm November 6.



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