Visio Online Brings Technical Diagrams To Everyone

Visio Online Brings Technical Diagrams To Everyone
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has announced the release of Visio Online so you can open and edit diagrams from just about any device. Although it will cost you an extra US$5 per month (assuming an annual commitment), that’s pretty decent value. It allows your to share Visio diagrams which can be viewed for free using the iOS or online viewers.

Slowly but surely, all of Microsoft’s core products are making the shift to the cloud. The past, even viewing files often required a license but that is changing as the company continues to embrace the cloud and deliver applications that don’t solely rely on a computer running Windows. Anyone with an Office 365 subscription can view files.

The announcement of Visio Online notes that the cloud app offers templates for different types of diagrams, just like its Windows 10 sibling. If you’ve been using Visio Services for SharePoint Online, Visio Online will replace that service.

If you’re an iOS user, there’s a Visio Viewer available through the App Store.

There are two different plans to choose from, imaginatively named Visio Online Plan 1 and 2 although the local website doesn’t seem to have up-to-date pricing just.


  • Oh well…. about 12 months too late.

    I switched to Mac 18 months ago and after working with Visio in a Windows VM for a period made the decision to go all in on Omnigraffle to avoid the constant issues I was having with it.

    An Online version would have a great solution then. Now, that I have gotten used to Omnigraffle, I’m not so sure even at $5 a month.

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