Mobile Browser ‘Cake’ Is Fixing The Web Search

Mobile Browser ‘Cake’ Is Fixing The Web Search

Video: Everyone has used their phone to settle disputes over trivia. You whip it out, punch in a few keywords and there’s your proof that Geoffrey Rush won an Oscar for Shine. The makers of Cake, a new mobile browser, think they can make this process better.

Unlike the default browsers on phones, Cake streamlines searches by taking you directly to results and letting you swipe through pre-loaded pages — no more scrolling through results as if you’re still at your desktop.

There’s a robust image search that collects results from all of the major image resources; including Google Images, Bing, Giphy and Imgur.

Mobile search on existing platforms like Chrome and Safari isn’t exactly perfect, but it’s the result of years of refinement and development. It’s going to take a lot for Cake to dethrone the default browser baked into everyone’s mind.

Cake is free on the iOS App Store in Australia (and Taiwan) now, with a beta version of the Android release available through the Cake website.

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