Gmail Add-Ons Let You Use Trello And Quickbooks Directly In Gmail

Gmail Add-Ons Let You Use Trello And Quickbooks Directly In Gmail

Every morning, the first thing I do is launch Gmail on my computer. While I use a ton of different tools for work, everything starts with my email – it’s sort of a hub for getting everything done. And starting today, Gmail can be even more of a hub, thanks to the launch of Gmail Add-ons.

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Gmail Add-ons allow you to use different apps and services directly in your Gmail account. Google is launching the feature with a handful of options today but has plans to bring a ton more to your inbox.

Gmail Add-Ons Let You Use Trello And Quickbooks Directly In Gmail
Screenshot: Google

Screenshot: Google

Add-ons work both in the desktop version of Gmail and on Android. Here are today’s additions (via Google):

Asana: Turn communication with clients, customers and teammates into tasks that can be tracked with your team in Asana, all from your inbox.

Dialpad: Message or call colleagues on your device, any time. Automatically view recent communications or save a new contact straight from Gmail.

DocuSign (coming soon): Sign and execute contracts, agreements and other documents directly in Gmail using the DocuSign add-on.

Hire: Add candidates, manage candidate information and upload resumes without leaving Gmail. You can access full job applications from the Hire add-on.

Intuit QuickBooks Invoicing: Create and send professional invoices directly in Gmail. Let customers pay you online and track invoice status and payments no matter where you are.

ProsperWorks: Easily access prospect or customer data, and log activities from calls, demos and meetings. You can also scan related opportunities, tasks and events.

RingCentral: See the online/offline status of RingCentral contacts, review recent call history, make outbound calls (requires RingCentral for Mobile) and view and send SMS messages.

Smartsheet: Add email content and desired attachments directly to Smartsheet without leaving Gmail.

Streak: Add email threads to deals, view enriched contact info and quickly respond with snippets directly from Gmail with the Streak add-on.

Trello: Turn email into actionable tasks in Trello to give your team a shared perspective on the work that needs to be done.

Wrike: Create Wrike tasks from emails, view and update task details, and send and receive Wrike task comments.

Some of these already had some sort of Gmail support set up. I’ve been using Streak with Gmail for years, and the “add-on” doesn’t appear to really contribute anything new to that experience. Still, the add-on feature does streamline the adding experience a bit, and having apps work both on desktop and Android is pretty solid.

If you want to add any of these to your Gmail experience, you can find them all in the G Suite Marketplace.

Gmail Add-Ons Let You Use Trello And Quickbooks Directly In Gmail
Screenshot: Google

Screenshot: Google

To add one of the services, you’ll just need to click on it from the Marketplace and then select “Install” from the service’s product page.

Adding Trello to my inbox took less than 10 seconds, and I’m pretty stoked about using it within my inbox going forward.

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