All The Free And Cheap Food You Can Get On Your Birthday

Birthdays are great. Sure, you have to deal with the feeling that you’re another year older but it’s not all bad! There are a huge amount of places that will give you FREE STUFF on your birthday, which really helps stave off that crushing feeling of aging for a little longer. We’ve rounded up some of the best deals you can find to celebrate your birthday!

Fast Food

Ali Baba

What you get: A free kebab on your birthday.

How you get it: Sign up for Ali Baba's Ultimate Rewards. While the website doesn't have too much detail, presumably you'll either get an emailed voucher or simply have to show your card and photo ID in store.

Lord Of The Fries

What you get: Regular sized fries and any classic sauce

How you get it: Just turn up at any store and show your ID and this deal is yours!


What you get: A free regular Nandos meal (which includes a quarter chicken, classic burger, pita or wrap with a regular side and a regular drink.)

How you get it: Only eligible members of Nandos PeriPerks club can redeem this one — which means that in addition to signing up you have to have made at least one transaction at Nandos in the last six months. The good news is that you can redeem your free birthday meal any time in the entire month of your birthday.

Noodle Box

What you get: You get 10 Noodle dollars into your account on your birthday. These function the same as regular dollars.

How you get it: Become a Noodle Crew member by grabbing a Noodle Crew card when you make a purchase in store and then activating your account online. On your birthday, the 10 Noodle dollars will appear in your account - that's almost enough for a large Noodle Box.


What you get: A free single fillet Bondi Burger Value Meal.

How you get it: This one is for members of Oporto's Flame club. Once you sign up, Oporto will email you on your birthday with directions for redeeming your meal. You'll have to bring photo ID and your membership card — whether physical or on Oporto's app.

Red Rooster

What you get: A free meal on your birthday!

How you get it: You'll need to sign up for the Red Rooster Loyalty Program and present your ID upon purchase. This offer is valid for 30 days after your birthday, too.


What you get: A free birthday burrito.

How you get it: Register for Salsas' Mex Club and present your membership card. This offer is valid for two days either side of your actual birthday.


What you get: A free sub and a drink.

How you get it: Sign up for Subway's Eat Fresh club to receive an emailed voucher the day before your birthday. Be careful with this one — the T&C specifies it's available at participating stores only, and some Aussie stores reportedly don't take the birthday vouchers. Best to check with your local ahead of time.

Sumo Salad

What you get: A free regular size salad on your birthday.

How you get it: Sign up for Sumo Salad's Sumo Society, and make sure to register your card in order to redeem your salad on the day.



What you get: A free small cake — as well as bottomless coffee year-round.

How you get it: All Ikea Family members will be emailed a voucher for a free cake on their birthday. NOTE: Adelaide and Perth's Ikea Family clubs have different terms and benefits, so the birthday offer most likely won't apply there either.

Jamaica Blue

What you get: A free slice of cake during the month of your birthday.

How you get it: Register online and be sure to provide your accurate date of birth. Most likely you'll be required to show ID when you redeem your free cake in store.

Mrs Field's

What you get: Score yourself a free birthday cookie from the Soft Baked Cookie range!

How you get it: You have to pick up a Club Cookie Card from a Mrs Field's store and then head to the page for Mrs Field's rewards program and sign up. Upon presentation of your Club Cookie Card and your ID on your day of birth, you will get a free Soft Baked Cookie. You will not be able to get a free dipped or decorated cookie.

Muffin Break

What you get: One free birthday muffin.

How you get it: Register online for the Muffin Break Club, and then redeem at any Muffin Break store. Your free muffin is valid for the whole month of your birthday.


Baskin Robbins

What you get: A free ice cream on your birthday and a discount on a birthday cake.

How you get it: To get this deal, sign up for Baskin Robbins' Club 31. You'll receive a voucher for a free ice cream on the day of your birthday.

The Cheesecake Shop

What you get: A $5 birthday voucher!

How you get it: At least two weeks before your birthday, you need to sign up for Mamuska's mailing list. Fourteen days before your birthday you will receive the $5 birthday voucher, but there's a few caveats. You have to present the printed voucher at the store and you cannot use it on midi, half, quarter and single serve cakes - it must be a full cake. You also can't use it on the Gluten Free Cake range, so, sorry about that, coeliacs. It's worth bringing ID when you got to purchase your delicious cake, too.

Cold Rock

What you get: One free kiddies size (4oz) Cold Rock Ice Cream with one mix in.

How you get it: You have to register for Cold Rock's membership program at least eight days before your birthday. One week prior to the day, you'll be emailed your free birthday ice cream voucher (or 'FBI') which will be valid on your actual day of birth only. Cold Rock also asks that you print the voucher to bring into the store, and remember to carry your ID with you as well.

Doughnut Time

What you get: The greatest gift given to humankind One free doughnut on your birthday

How you get it: Just sign up for the “Inner Circle”, Doughnut Time’s newsletter.

Krispy Kreme

What you get: Six of the greatest gift given to humankind A six-pack of original glazed doughnuts.

How you get it: Sign up for Krispy Kreme’s newsletter, the “Inner Circle” (is that what every doughnut store calls it?) and you can score yourself free doughnuts! Signing up to the newsletter also gets you a free doughnut.

San Churro

What you get: Free churros for two (including six churros and two pots of melted couverture chocolate), valued at $14.95

How you get it: Sign up for San Churro's newsletter. Your free churros voucher will be emailed out to you eight days before your birthday. If you sign up too soon before your birthday to get the voucher, you can also print out your newsletter confirmation email to redeem your free churros.


Boost Juice

What you get: One free Boost.

How you get it: Sign up for Boost's Vibe Club to get your free drink. On the day of your birthday, present your Vibe Club card along with photo ID showing your (matching) date of birth to redeem.


What you get: One free drink on your birthday.

How you get it: Sign up for Chatime's customer rewards program. All you have to do is present your membership card and photo ID in store on the day of your birthday.


What you get: A free full-sized takeaway cup of the tea of your choice!

How you get it: If you sign up for the Tea Society, T2's members program, then you can drop into a store to redeem simply by showing your ID.


Outback Jacks

What you get: Not just a $35 meal voucher in the month of your birthday, but also a second $35 voucher on your half birthday (six months out from your birthday) and a $30 voucher when you sign up.

How you get it: Sign up for Outback Jacks' birthday club to get all three vouchers automatically sent to you by email. You will also have to book a table to redeem your discount.


What you get: One complimentary main meal or one complimentary kids meal

How you get it: If you join Montezuma's Gold Club, you will be sent a voucher to redeem the free meal in store. It's recommended you sign up a month before your birthday.

Ribs And Rumps

What you get: A free $30 birthday voucher.

How you get it: Sign up for Ribs And Rumps' rewards program. Your $30 voucher will be issued up to ten days before your birthday.


What you get: A complimentary house wine or draught beer, or a complimentary dolci.

How you get it: Sign up for Vapiano's Fanaticos club. Birthday emails are sent one week before your birthday so make sure you get in and register before that.

Thanks to Hayley Williams for helping put this together. Do you know of anywhere else that will give you free stuff for getting another year older? Let us know in the comments!


    And let's not forget that if, say, you were to sign up to each of these with a birthday that's not wholly accurate then you could have a free meal at least once a month for the entire year.

      sure as long as you can provide fake IDs with the relevant dates on them for most of them sure.

      Great idea Phil, lets cheat them out of an honest living, raise the prices for everyone else or send them out of business. Grow up

        Right yeah. If I visit a different place every so often throughout the year with family/friends then, guess what, the business gets cash they wouldn't otherwise have had. Just for the cost of one free main (usually).
        Now, if I were to limit my dining out to just one month then it's unlikely I'd dine out, say, 10 times. Which means several businesses would get $0 from us that month.
        I'd prefer to give them my custom throughout the year than none at all.
        It's called adulting.

          No, it's called fraud...

    Unfortunately Outback Jack's have stopped the birthday club deal for NSW & ACT stores

    Pity you can't just rock up with ID. Not going to sign up for anything I'm only going to use on my birthday, because I don't frequent any of those establishments more than once a year, if at all. I get enough weekly junk mail anyway.

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