Save Money On Kids’ Birthday Parties By Avoiding Food

Save Money On Kids’ Birthday Parties By Avoiding Food

Children’s birthday parties are often costly affairs. Although weddings are more expensive, birthdays come every year. To control some of the costs, avoid serving food at the party.

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Forbes offers some tips on controlling party costs. If you time the party right, you’ll avoid spending money on a full meal.

What an awful host, right? But parents spend 56% of their birthday party budget, the bulk of it, on food according to the poll. Find a food-free time of day to host your party — like 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. — so you’re not expected to serve a meal. And shout it far and wide: There Will Be Cake!

As well, you’ll avoid some dietary restrictions and allergies by focusing on just the dessert.

Six Ways To Stop Spending Too Much On Your Kid’s Birthday Party [Forbes]


  • Dont serve food on a kids birthday? But that’s half the reason for kids birthdays, like adult birthdays. You go for a piss up and some food.

  • seriously?
    big bottle of tomato sauce $4
    a couple of kilo’s of little frankfruts $10
    frozen sausage rolls and little party pies $10
    a few bottles of cordial $8
    2 loaves of bread $1.60
    100’s & 1000’s $2

    Fairy Bread for the girls, sausage rolls and pies for the kids, mini hotdogs for all.

    • Excuse me I’m a 24 year old man, if you served Fairy Bread i’d palm off my great grandmother to get a slice or two of the precious.

  • Hire a clown, magician or petting zoo and jumping castle. Then the proportion you spend on food will be much lower.

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