How To Make Everyone Celebrate Your Birthday For As Long As Possible

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Have you ever envied those people who seem to have a birthday week, or even a whole month rather than a single day? If you're someone who really just loves having birthdays, here's how to make yours as much of an event as possible.

Spread Out Events

One of the easiest ways to celebrate your birthday for the longest time possible is to simply create events to celebrate it for the longest time possible.

You could, say, start with a family birthday early on in the month, a friend dinner a bit later, make sure you have cake or a work lunch with your workmates on the actual day, then organise a bigger party or BBQ towards the end of the month.

Send those invites out without shame! This is your special month!

Celebrate With Everyone

That being said - think about how many friends you have in your life, and how many different places they come from. Work friends, old school friends, uni friends, your netball team, your partner's friends.

If you want your birthday to go as long as possible, engage every single one of these groups to celebrate, whether it's after work drinks, coffee and cake or a proper outing where you're the centre of attention.

Do you have lots of relatives on both sides of your family? Celebrate with them separately! And then together!


Getting gifts after your birthday is the best way to feel special even long after your special day has come and gone. If you can delay receiving them, you can manufacture this fuzzy feeling with ease.

There are a couple of ways to do this - if you have a doting partner or friend, ask them to spread out their gifting throughout the month for optimum joy.

If you don't have someone you can ask outright, just avoid the present-giving situation until you're ready to let your birthday officially end. All the waiting will make it so much better!

Remind Everyone

You want this to be all about you, so you can't rely on other people to remember it's your birthday month for you: you have to remind them.

Feel free to let everyone know as soon as your birthday month begins, and count down till the actual game. Even after it, you can still remind everyone that you turned X years old last week, or that you celebrated your birthday recently.

Take A Birthday Holiday

Going on holidays is already a great way to get special treatment, but that treatment increases exponentially if it's your birthday.

Book yourself a nice birthday holiday and don't be shy in telling your hotel/cruise ship/tour group/everywhere you go that it's your birthday. You might just get a cheery 'happy birthday!', but you may also get free drinks, food, gifts or other nice little bonuses.

If you feel like being the most extra, book your holiday strategically so that changes in timezones strategically give you a double birthday (though this isn't quite as enjoyable unless you're also flying business or first class.)

Make International Friends

While you're on that holiday, make sure you add some friends from different places around the world, too. When you have friends who live in different time zones, your birthday gets celebrated in different time zones.

On my Facebook, for example, I get my New Zealand birthday first, then the Australians. Around 12 hours later Europeans jump on the birthday greetings, and then American birthday wishes continue basically all through the whole next day. Hooray! Double birthday!


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