The TED Archive: Watch All The TED Talks You Can Possibly Handle

Image: TED

TED talks are great to watch when you have time to spare, the problem is finding a good collection of them without having to jump through a bunch of different websites. To combat this, a new channel called the "TED Archive" has begun the long process of cataloguing and uploading talks, making it easier for the rest of us.

Right now, the archive goes back about eight months, but new videos are being added every day. And not just one or two at a time — the most recent batch included 24 clips.

You can either go through the talks individually, or if you want to go less specific, the channel has lumped videos together into playlists, grouped by event.

As the channel's about section states, it will never have every TED talk ever (the first event was in 1984), but for now, it's one of the most comprehensive (and regularly updated) sources available.

TED Archive [YouTube, via Inc.]


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