Build A Stylish, Insulated Dog House To Keep Your Pup Warm

Video: If you’re looking for a great weekend project that will make your dog one happy pooch, this insulated dog house is perfect. It looks great and will keep your dog nice and comfy year round.

In this video from YouTuber DIY Tyler, you’ll learn how to build a dog house that’s perfect for keeping your pup warm in the colder months. You’ll need some 13mm plywood, a few 2x4s, and some 38mm foam insulation, plus access to a workshop and woodworking tools. The version he builds in the video is for a tiny wiener dog, but the plans can be easily adapted for bigger dogs. Also, if you add an outdoor finish and some shingles on the roof, it will make a great year-round backyard dog house. You can download the adaptable instructions at the link below.

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Modern Insulated Dog House [DIY Tyler]

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