This Shutter Cheat Sheet Helps You Find The Perfect Settings For Your Camera

Image: Jan Jablunka / Flickr

A general rule of photography is the faster the subject, the faster the shutter speed. That's all good and well, but cameras are precise devices. You can stuff around with shutter speeds and aperture settings until you get the result you want, but why not start with a good baseline and work from there? This handy chart from Phototraces will get you most of the way.

The chart is coupled with an explanatory article, however, you can probably get away with just reading the introduction:

We all know that together with the Aperture and ISO, the Shutter Speed controls the exposure.

And for a long time, it was a pretty simple and straightforward equation, by changing the shutter speed from 1/200s to 1/100s we double the amount of light (1 stop) that reaches the film or sensor. You keep shutter open twice longer you get twice the amount of light.

But with the introduction of digital cameras, we are not restricted to changing the shutter speed by one stop only. Some cameras allow us to change the shutter speed by half (1/2 stop) and some cameras by third (1/3 stop).

This is where the chart takes over.

Image: Phototraces

Of course, depending on the lens and the sensitivity of your camera's sensor, these values may not be exact, but at the very least, they provide some ballpark figures to work from.

Shutter Speed Chart [Phototraces, via PetaPixel]


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