This 81-Year-Old Grandma Just Launched Her First iPhone App

Her name is Masako Wakamiya. By normal stands she is old. Very old. But at the age of 81 she's just released her very first iPhone app and it's pretty hard to not be inspired by that.

After decades spent working as a banker in Japan, Masako started learning to use computers at the age of 60. Eventually she got quite good with the whole technology thing.

You can check out the app here, but unless you're a fan of the very niche art of doll organisation, you're probably going to be disappointed. Hinadan is an app that helps people learn to organise their dolls correctly for Hinamatsuri, a tradition Westerners usually refer to as Girl's Day Out.

Not exactly Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds, but it's one more app than I've managed to release. Pretty incredible that Masako has managed to pivot like this so late in life, and succeed.


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