Picturescue Recovers iPhone Photos From iTunes Backup Files

Picturescue is a tiny app that quickly finds any and all images stored in old iTunes backup files, which are made whenever an iPhone or other iOS device is synced with with its "home" computer. The full version of the app is available for $5.99 and allows the user to export some or all of the photos found, while a trial version allows viewing of the images but not export.

Picturescue is an extremely simple app. It's built to do one thing, so it's light and fast, and it does it all automatically. When the app is first run, it immediately scans any iTunes backup files stored on the computer, and sifts through them for any image files. The interface itself looks like a spartan version of iTunes, listing backups by date and displaying images as thumbnails.

The ability to quickly and easily recover images from old iPhone backups is a pretty great thing, considering how often iPhones are lost, stolen or crushed under car tyres. When users get new iPhones, they normally have the option to use a recent backup file to transfer personal data, but there are times when that's not possible (like when an iPhone user decides to buy an Android phone, instead). Since many iPhone owners use their phone as their primary camera, this can result in a pretty high number of images that might forever be lost, so an app as cheap and simple as this could be a life saver in more ways than one.

Picturescue [via The Next Web]


    Took me a while. "picture-esque"? "picture-skew"? Ohhhh... picture-rescue!

    Picturescue now supports iOS5 backups too.

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    You'll need to restore your iPhone. If you want to keep the photos you've taken with the iPhone's camera, they may get lost, or they may not because iTunes may offer to back up your phone before it restores.

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    Sorry about your luck if your photos end up being gone. At this point there may be nothing you can do unless you know some super iPhone hacker person.

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