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  • Why Ray Tracing On Nvidia’s New GPUs Is So Exciting

    Nvidia recently announced new high-end graphics cards with an RTX designation attached to the model numbers—that RTX indicates the card’s enhanced ray tracing abilities, which could bring a whole new level of realism to games. Here’s what you need to know about ray tracing and how it’s going to feature on the graphics cards of…

  • Meet Angelina, The AI That Makes Games

    An AI named Angelina is making games thanks to researchers from the University of Falmouth. With the press of a button, Angelina writes the rules of the game, finds assets and ideas from the internet and then creates a file that works with a stand-alone application.

  • Less Is More When It Comes To Adding Features To Apps

    One of the cardinal sins of software development is bloating an app with too many features. It’s tempting to add a whole bunch of customer-facing features in to address the needs of everybody. But we humans are easily overwhelmed by too many choices, which is why it’s important to keep apps lean. If you’ve built…