Restart Your Day At 2PM To Beat Procrastination

Restart Your Day At 2PM To Beat Procrastination

Mornings can be difficult. If your /”good hours” aren’t in the morning, you can find yourself losing focus in the afternoon without having accomplished much. The folks at Greatist have a solution: every day, restart your day at 2PM.

Photo by Troy.

The site presents the idea as a way to give your day a much-needed shot in the arm if you catch yourself after lunch with no motivation, no momentum, and nothing to show for your morning. Instead of coasting, grab a cup of coffee (or tea, if it’s too late for coffee), and start your daily routine all over again.

If you have a personal productivity method that you use to kick off the day, such as reviewing your to-dos, clearing out your inbox, or blocking off an hour or two to focus on an important project, do it again in the afternoon and watch your productivity soar.

It’s another way to help beat procrastination. Even if you don’t procrastinate, it’s a great way to give your days a jolt when the afternoon begins to drag on.

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