Use A Raspberry Pi And Touchscreen As A Recipe Manager For Your Kitchen

It's no secret that an Android tablet or iPad loaded up with a recipe manager like Paprika is a great way to get all those cookbooks out of the kitchen and onto a screen. Vimeo user Count Shrimpula wanted to take a similar approach, so they built their own with a Raspberry Pi.

App Directory: The Best Recipe Manager For Android

If you're emailing recipes to yourself, printing them out or still keeping index cards, there's a better way. Grab your Android phone, there are a ton of great recipe apps out there, but we have one we think is the right blend of features for the right price. Paprika is the app for you.

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Sadly, there's no actual guide here, but it's a pretty simple concept to reproduce yourself. From the short video, we can see they're running Debian and the free recipe manager software, Gourmet Recipe Manager. I can't tell which touch screen it is, but pretty much any should work, including the official Raspberry Pi Foundation one. Debian works with the Raspberry Pi Zero, so assuming you can score a cheap touchscreen, this is a super cheap and easy way to set up a permanent recipe manager in your kitchen.

Raspi Recipe Comp [Vimeo via Adafruit]


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