The Raspberry Pi Zero Makes A Great Motion Sensing Security Camera Too

We know that a Raspberry Pi can be turned into a motion sensing security camera, but it's even cheaper to do it with the $US5 ($7) Raspberry Pi Zero. DIYer Mark West shows you how.

The actual process here isn't terribly different from a regular Raspberry Pi, which just requires you to hook up the Raspberry Pi Camera Module and then install a bunch of software. The real clever part of this one comes from the ZeroView camera mount, which crams the Pi Zero and camera module into a tiny little case that you can suction cup to a window. West's camera is set up to send you an email when the camera detects motion, but he does note it might require some experimentation with positioning to limit false positives. Head over to West's site for the full guide.

Build a Motion Activated Security Camera with the Raspberry Pi Zero [utbrudd]


    Thanks for this,
    Iv recently had yet another break in and since im renting they wont let me upgrade the security so this will be a good step in the right direction and the host monitoring was a good choice

    ...but it's even cheaper to do it with the $US5 ($7) Raspberry Pi Zero.Regrettably, US$5 turns into AU$19+, if you can find anyone in Australia who actually has any in stock.
    Also, most retailers also want to sell you a kit ($35+) and not the item on its own.

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