The Nintendo Classic Mini NES Just Killed Target's Website

Target website down

Target's online store is currently down for some customers. Target Australia started selling the coveted Nintendo Classic Mini NES today at 8am AEDT on its online store and it seems some people can't get the website to load. After killing EB Games' website (not once, but twice), it appears the Nintendo Classic Mini NES has done the same to Target's online store.

It seems the Target Australia website has suffered the same fate as EB Games' online store during the time it was selling the Nintendo Classic Mini NES. The amount of traffic to the Target online store has overwhelmed the site, leaving some visitors unable to access it.

Target hasn't released any statement through social media regarding the website failure. Some users have reported that the Nintendo Classic Mini NES is already sold out through the retailer.

Did you manage to get a Nintendo Classic Mini NES through Target? Let us know in the comments.


    OMG I went on super early to be on the queue. I got to the page, selected it and wanted to move to check out quickly but they left me waiting on a queue for hours now. I am so disappointed...I rather queue at the store than this horrible website!

    I got to the detail page but couldn't add it to my basket. So close yet so far! :(

    I guess eBay is the only real option.....

      Do NOT give those scalpers your money.

      You're better off buying an actual NES as an alternative...

      Exactly the same at this end. Lucky i bought one on saturday night of ebay Lift your game Target

    Have been queue for the last hour and 51 minutes. Didnt process my payment details when i was on the checkout :'(

      It happened to us to it shit waiting for 3 half hours and now they say check basket and they are sold out bloody scammers

    It kept crashing while processing PayPal, I kept hitting 'back' and eventually (maybe after 5x) it processed. I have confirmation emails from Target AND PayPal!

    Target like most big retailers in Australia are failing miserably, not only in the bricks and mortar endeavors, but their online shopping efforts.

    Servers unable to handle traffic, disconnected social media efforts (their last tweet was on October 4) and plain old ignorance when it comes to eCommerce technology.

    Target have failed to hit their target with their poor customer experience.

    Just woke up and realized I'd forgotten I had an 8am appointment with Target - The whole site is down for those that aren't even there for this product, the NES mini page acknowledges the demand. Such a pain. I was split on whether to get one or not but it seems these failures have made the decision for me..

    Been on since just before 8am.... Added to cart.... Been to checkout numerous times then an error comes and then have to start again... It has been in my cart since 8.01... Now site is currently busy for the past 2.10 hours... Seriously????

    I signed in at 8am and waited for about 15 minutes before I could even see the thing. I finally got it into my basket, then waited another hour for the payment details to happen. I got sick of waiting so hit refresh. it went straight to the payments screen and I had success!!!!!

    I managed to add it to my cart, but checkout page never loads to complete payment.

      Website says NO.
      They're all sold :(

    stupid website wouldnt let me add the product to the cart, kept saying error

    I received a notification from Target after posting on their fb page and told me to keep trying until theyre all sold out.

    After 2 hours, 3 devices and a lot of swearing - I finally scored 1 and have the email conformation :)

    I got on just before 8:00am, waited....waited....waited...Product came up ...clicked to order and got ERROR!!

    Did that with two computers until I had a TERAbyte of ERROR Shite...
    Then it went to go to my BASKET, But link arrived Dead in a CASKET,

    FINALLY, I was going to CHECKOUT,
    But then it had another BLECCH OUT.

    Disgusted and disappointed I gave up; never reached MY Target
    Instead I'll grab some Mates, we won't pay no RATES,

    Tonight we'll have a DATE at their Warehouse in this STATE,
    And we will grab a Crate, we'll sell the extra and feel GREAT!

    (To those who miss out as will be Less of the NES...I must CONFESS...

    Just secured one after over 3 hours trying.

    I have been online since 7:30am and have had the option to add to cart about 3 times now... each time I have tried to add the product I receive an error! I sent some feedback to Target and they told me to keep trying as it isn't sold out yet... mind you this was at 9:30am.
    I am still trying but I'm about to throw in the towel!

    Refreshed page came back with WOW, SOLD OUT!

    was on there from 7:50am, kept giving errors adding to the cart, finally thought i had it secured - only to be greeted by wow! all sold out!

    I got mine at 8:29am...
    A total of 7 hours spent during all this limited sale on EB gAmes, Catch of the day and now target.
    I'll have a very happy husband this christmas...
    Keep on trying people!!!

    Target Eastern States just put two fingers up at the West, we never had a chance...

    Logged in 5 mins before 8am and added NES to my cart. So far so good. Then got the "site currently busy" timing screen (with "Do not refresh this page")... for 3.5 hours. The screen finally refreshed only to go send me back to my cart which was empty with a message saying "Please be aware that items in your basket have changed since your last visit." Of course it's now sold out.

    How did they not see this coming?! The fact it apparently crashed the entire site on the busiest online shopping day of the year too if laughable. Someone at Target is getting boned today.

    I don't believe there were many at all I WASTED 3+hrs of my life trying to get one, did all the right things didn't refresh just waited patiently then secure one get on the check out queue to get to check out to find nothing in my cart anymore and product sold out! What the actual F!
    I am calling BS on the whole promotion! Those who got one should now go buy a lotto ticket!

    I got online about 15 minutes before the sale started and managed to get one in my cart pretty quickly (despite the error messages) but then spent the next 45 minutes or so (while getting ready for work) trying to get through the checkout process. No such luck. I eventually had to give up and go to work. Got to work and decided to try one last time - NES was still in my cart thanks to my Chrome browsers all being linked, got through the checkout, expected it to crash on the payment site but it confirmed! Very happy to get one - have an even happier husband. I honestly didn't expect to be successful.

    I got on at 0730, managed to get in cart, but when I got to payment it took an hour to pay with PayPal (Target couldn't accept credit or gift cards). I thought I had got it but the last attempt, it kicked it out of my cart & it disappeared! They are sold out now, very frustrated!!! :(

    I had been trying since 0730hrs. Put in in my basket at 0930hrs.Finally got to checkout at 1100hrs. Entered all details and then a system error registered. I phoned to confirm payment as instructed and was told that it was in my basket but no payment had been received and to refresh...made it there again- system error. Phoned again- it was no longer in my basket. 1200hrs and I am too sad for words......

    Log in at 7.30, was in online queue since then, add to cart around a dozen times, but always error during payment, gave up around 9.30

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