Redial The Last Number You Called On iPhone By Just Tapping The Call Button Again

iOS: If you need to quickly redial the last number you called on your iPhone, you can always just pop into the recent calls list, but OS X Daily points out an even faster way is to simply tap the big green phone button again.

When you tap the phone icon, the last number you dialled is filled in automatically, but doesn't initiate the call. This makes it pretty useful not just if you need to redial a number, but also if you accidentally got a number wrong or if you need to add on an extension.

Redial the Last Called Phone Number on iPhone Quickly [OS X Daily]


    is this a new feature to IOS? coz damn, someone needs to wake up, like 6 or more years ago.

      Next they will have an article saying how you can long tap on the phone number field to paste a number in there (can can copy ones out of there too).

        soon ios will allow you to put your phone up to your ear while in the messaging app, to call the person you are currently messaging, automatically with out touching anything on screen.

          Come on guys, give Thorin a break...

          No one said it was new to iOS, it's just that iOS users need these things carefully explained to them.

            do they need to pause the breatheinbreatheout.AAC to use this function though?

    This isn't just an IOS feature. This has been on every Android, Windows, and webOS phone I've owned since all the way back to my old XDA mini II.

      True, in fact its also standard on most landline cordless phones as well.

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