The Android Phone 8 Home Screen

Lifehacker reader Dave really likes the Windows Phone UI, but couldn't give up the openness of Android. So he created this home screen, getting the best of both worlds.

Dave explains:

I really like the Windows Phone UI, but as a die-hard Android fan I won't be closing down my OS by buying a Lumia. Instead I've been testing out the various Windows Phone-style launchers available on Google Play. Until recently I was using Launcher 7, which is very customisable but based on the older Windows Phone 7, but then I found WP8 Launcher, which allows for more choices of tile shape and size. Both launchers are essentially still in beta and there are advantages to either, but they're both free, and definitely worth checking out.

I have made the important apps — Chrome, Facebook, and Gallery — nice and big, and have highlighted utilities such as Messaging, Calendar, Google Play, and Camera in orange, contrasting the standard blue theme (which you can change, but I like it anyway).

WP8 Launcher also allows you to mount any installed widget on a tile, however most of my widgets didn't fit in with the white-on-blue/orange theme I was going for. The clock was achieved using Alarm Clock Plus's widget, and the calender by using Simple Calendar Widget's Simi Clock skin with a transparent background to display my next two notifications on a 3x1 tile. The remaining non-app tiles were made using transparent 1Tap Quick Bar widgets, allowing for instance "New Message", "Redial", "New Event", "Search" "Sync All" and other settings buttons, as well as a network switches bar, media controls, a lock button, and a custom note.


    Lawsuit in 3....2....1....

      Only very few countries have software patents, Australia is not one of them. Microsoft could trademark the design should they care but a quick search suggests they didn't, unless it's hidden under a word i didn't think of.

      Nope, no lawsuit here. Mind you, it's revolting. It should go to court just for bad taste.

    "We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server."

    Only now have I realised that the Chrome icon looks a lot like Samus Aran's Morph Ball

    I'm not seeing any live tiles info here t all. It just seems like a static app launcher that happens to look like WP8. The whole point of Live Tiles is the LIVE part, not the way they look. Why on Earth would you bother with this?

      Really? You're not seeing the live calendar data, clock, messaging, battery level, playback controls... do you have images turned off in your browser or something?

        Those are things I could see on the tiny mono screen of the first mobile phone I bought in 1997. The only thing of note I can see here is that there are 3 new messages. When I look at my phone I can see a photo of the band I'm currently listening to in the Zune tile, ever-flipping photos of my contacts, current weather observations and forecast, photos and Translate's word of the day (with picture). It looks alive - this looks dead.

          You seem to be mistaking simplicity with stasis. The tiles in the screenshot above are widgets that change with live data. The tiles in Windows 8 change with live data. The particular way data is presented differs based on the tile provider equally in both cases, there are plenty of 'static' or unimaginative live tiles in Windows 8. That you don't think the ones above are flashy enough for you doesn't make them 'not live tiles'.

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