Most Popular Ask LH Posts Of 2016

Most Popular Ask LH Posts Of 2016
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Every weekday, we attempt to answer one of the many reader questions we get sent in covering every imaginable topic. Here are the ten most popular from the past year.

Ask LH: Will I Really Get Fined For Not Completing The Australian Census?

Dear Lifehacker, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and had a recommended page which was by Census Australia. I started going through the comments to see what people were saying and was astonished to see multiple responses by the ABS talking about a $180 fine if we don’t complete the Census. Is this true? Can they really fine us for refusing to divulge every bit of information we have about ourselves? What are my legal rights here? Thanks, Mighty Pissed Off

Ask LH: Can I Get Out Of My Telstra Contract For ‘Unreliable Service’?

Ask LH: Is It Acceptable To Ask A Fast Food Cashier Out On A Date?

Ask LH: Are Apple Macs Worth The Extra Money?

Ask LH: Will I Be Fined For Torrenting Season Six Of Game Of Thrones?

Game Of Thrones

Ask LH: What Happens To My Dick Smith Warranty?

Ask LH: Should I Buy An Apple MacBook Pro Or Microsoft Surface Pro 4?

Also, since the end of the financial year is coming up, is it worth waiting for a sale? I know Apple doesn’t often give out huge discounts on their products, but I am not sure about Microsoft. Am I likely to get an EOFY discount if I buy the Surface Pro? Thanks, LaptopBuyer

Ask LH: When Is Planet Earth 2 Coming To Australia?

How to watch Planet Earth 2 in Australia Image: Supplied

Ask LH: Will I Be Able To Buy The Nintendo NES Classic Edition In Time For Christmas?

When Will The Nintendo Classic Mini: NES Be Available In Australia?

NES Classic Edition

Ask LH: Are There Any Websites That Can Help Me Vote Below The Line?

Below The Line

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