Get A Discount For Google Drive With A New Yearly Subscription

Google has added a new subscription option for its cloud storage service Google Drive. You can now prepay annually and get a nice discount when you do so.

The discount, which was first reported by Android Police, is available for the 100GB and 1TB storage plans:

  • 100GB: $2.49 per month but if you prepay annually, it will costs you $24.99 per year (save 16%)
  • 1TB: $12.49 per month but if you pay annually, it will cost you $124.99 (save 17%)

It appears this Google Drive discount is only available for consumer accounts for now.

Image: Lifehacker

For comparison sake, Dropbox's Pro cloud storage service for individuals, which gives you 1TB of storage, costs $11.58 per month for a total of $138.96 per year.

If you want to sign up or upgrade your Google Drive service, you can do so here.

[Android Police]


    To save another 10% more buy Google Play Gift Cards from Big W / Woolworths before December 24th, redeem them on your account and use them as the payment method for a yearly subscription.

    100GB = $22.49
    1TB = $112.49

    Not too shabby...

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