Killer Interview Question: What Would The Name Of Your Debut Album Be?

Killer Interview Question: What Would The Name Of Your Debut Album Be?

This week’s KIQ wants you to channel your inner Mick Jagger/Beyoncé/Bob Dylan/Madonna.

Whether you’re musically gifted or tone deaf, you’ve probably fantasised about being a famous rocker or pop star at one point in your life. If you were to become a fame musician, what would the name of your first album be?

That’s a real question that fashion retailer Urban Outfitters asked job candidates.

According to Glassdoor head of global recruiting and talent acquisition Susan Underwood, an employer that asks that question isn’t interested in whether or not you’re musically gifted. Employers often throw bizarre questions to catch job applicants off guard so they can let their personalities shine through.

Underwood explained to Forbes the best way to answer the question:

“Pick something that’s reflective of your personality or work ethic. Something that’s upbeat and energetic, or relevant to the company that you’re interviewing for.”

With that in mind, what would the name of your debut album be? Let us know in the comments!



  • Finally a “Killer interview question” that doesn’t require deep thought. (At least if, like me, you have already released your debut album.)

  • I’m trying to convince a few mates to join up and start a metal band called Unt.

    Then work through the periodic table for Album names starting with the single letter elements. Boron, Carbon, Fluorine, and so on, and use the standard depiction of the element as their album cover.

    Would get a little rude with their second album Carbon (in my defense, they WOULD be a metal band), but the idea makes for a few entertaining combinations.

  • My first CD release with my first band was called “How to succeed in success without really succeeding”.

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