Killer Interview Question: If You Can Have One Internet-Related Superpower, What Would It Be?

This week’s KIQ comes from Dyn managing director for Asia-Pacific Martin Ryan. Dyn is an internet performance company and Ryan uses this question to find out how well interviewees know his business.

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"This question allows our potential employees to consider how they could help our customers achieve their internet based goals," he said. "It could be anything from controlling time to predicting the future of internet crashes."

While this question is quite specific to Dyn’s own business, it can be adapted to other companies depending on their area of focus. For example, an interviewer for a catering company could ask interviewees to articulate a superpower that is related to food.

According to Ryan, the question also tests if a job candidate can think on their feet and speak effectively under pressure.

How would you answer this interview question? Let us know in the comments.


    Tough question. Umm.

    The ability to instantly find the most relevant product review?

    . o O (Don't say 'punch people through the computer' don't say 'punch people through the computer' don't say 'puch people through the computer' don't say...)

    "Uh. Punch people through the computer?"

    You know how there's the safe image search option on Google? The opposite of that.
    Ok, I'll show myself out then.

    The ability to know if a writer or commenter is qualified to discuss a topic.

    To know the worst thing in a person's internet history as soon as you meet them. Good for blackmailing or just generally making sure no one annoys you.

    My internet superpower: translation.

    It really would be handy to be able to speak and read in any language. I'd likely combine bing and google as they are both good in their own ways.

      Heh. Although for some countries (like Japan) you'd land and expect to be able to understand everyone thanks to your Google/Bingpower, only to realize that nothing anyone is saying makes a lick of damn sense.

      *shakes fist at translator apps not working in the only countries he visits*

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