What’s Your Favourite Texting App?

What’s Your Favourite Texting App?

Google’s Allo is packed with useful features, not the least of which is Google Assistant, which brings a lot to the table. Even so, it takes a lot to make someone switch from what they’re using now, especially if their friends use it. What’s your favourite texting app? Are you sticking with it?

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Personally, I’m still using Hangouts, mostly because everyone I know uses it, but that could just be my case. When I ask around, I hear a lot of similar answers — many people use Facebook Messenger because, well, all of their friends are on Facebook, the app is right there on their phone, and it’s easy to use and easy to connect with anyone you need to talk to. Other friends use iMessage because they and all of their friends are in Apple’s ecosystem. Others use WhatsApp or even Telegram.

Which is your favourite, and why do you stick with it? Have any of the latest improvements — like Assistant in Allo, or end-to-end encryption in Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, made you consider switching?


  • I don’t really have a preference. I have some friends who I talk to via Messenger, some via WhatsApp, one via Hangouts, and some just old fashioned texting.

  • I use Google Hangouts, Messenger, WhatsApp and Signal; each of them have their pros and cons. I pretty much go with messenger apps that can be used seamlessly across mobile devices and desktops.

  • I use Hello SMS on my Android device, and I use Airdroid to send messages from my computer through my phone.
    I wouldn’t mind switching to Allo, however there is no way of sending messages using the computer yet.. If they incorporate a web messenger that will work seamlessly with the app, I reckon I would permanently change and use Allo for everything

  • Hangouts for most friends (including SMS), and FB Messenger for anyone else. Google really need to pull their finger out with Allo ASAP if they want it to succeed

  • I have managed to convince most of my friends to use Threema. In terms of security, it has to be the gold standard (Steve Gibson recommended it on Security Now a few times), and its UI is very polished.

  • Textra on Android at the moment and have found it a little better than Google Messenger or Hangouts. Would love for Allo to become the default for all.

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