Video Briefly: Teen Witch, Levitating Triforce, Mummy's Boy

Image: Supplied

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers include: Teenage witch short film, awesome Zelda chest replica, Overwatch streamer calls his mum to tell her something important.

  • Teenage witch short film with a twist. Surprisingly good. [Gizmodo Australia]
  • A real-life Legend of Zelda chest replica complete with a Triforce that levitates. Yes, levitates. [via Kotaku Australia]
  • Overwatch Twitch streamer becomes top ranked player in North America. He calls his mum to tell her the news. [Kotaku Australia]
  • Tony Hawk geeks out over his favourite gadgets. [Gizmodo Austalia]
  • How Suicide Squad should have ended. [YouTube]


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