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Earlier today, Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy Note8 - a sequel phone to the disastrously volatile Note7. While Samsung would very much like the world to "forgive and forget" this incident, we think it makes sense to revisit the global safety recall before paying for the Note7's successor. This graphic, produced by Samsung, explains why the original Note7 and its ineffective replacement kept bursting into flames.


Samsung has released a software update for the volatile Galaxy Note7 smartphone that caps the maximum charge level to 60 per cent. This does not mean your Galaxy Note7 is now safe to use -- Samsung is still imploring users to return the device for a replacement or refund. But in the meantime, the chances of your Note7 bursting into flames should be a bit lower.

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Samsung's Galaxy Note7 problem has gone from bad to worse. After a complete recall of phones with exploding batteries, and a costly replacement program for customers, and most recently a continuing fire issue with replacement phones, Samsung is asking customers to return all Galaxy Note7s -- including replacement devices both locally and internationally -- for a full refund or exchange to a different device.