Hello friends, this is a pie. Only it isn’t a regular pie, it’s a MUSCLE PIE.


What is a MUSCLE PIE? It’s like a REGULAR PIE only it’s for people who want MUSCLES.

If you want to get the big MUSCLES and you enjoy a PIE, you should definitely consider eating a MUSCLE PIE.

But what is a MUSCLE PIE? I’m glad you asked. Please allow me to explain.

The MUSCLE PIE is the latest pie from Garlo’s. Unlike normal pies which tend to have regular amounts of protein, the MUSCLE PIE has a lot of protein. 24.6 grams of protein per pie to be precise.

The MUSCLE PIE is an attempt to compete with protein bars, targeted at folks that want to BULK UP but who also love a PIE. Calorie-wise, it’s not as efficient an eat as a protein shake or a protein bar (it measures in at 1516kj and has 39.6 grams of carbs). It’s not necessarily the perfect solution for folks looking to get shredded or lose weight.

It’s for people who want to get MASSIVE BRO.

Sadly it looks like the MUSCLE PIE will only be available in Sydney at two specific gyms — Camperdown Fitness and Nextgen Fitness Ryde. I’m hoping the MUSCLE PIE will be a huge success because I’m a fan of both PIES and MUSCLES and I would very much like to eat a MUSCLE PIE.

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