AFL 2016 Grand Final Results: For People Stuck At Work

AFL winnerImage: Getty Images

The Sydney Swans just clashed against the Western Bulldogs at the MCG to decide the 2016 AFL premiership. If you missed the big game, here are the results.

Maybe you're stuck at work with no access to a TV or streaming. Maybe you don't care about football but want to be part of the conversation. Whatever your reasons for not watching, we've got you covered. And the final score is...

Western Bulldogs: 89 | Sydney Swans: 67

The Western Bulldogs smashed the Swans in a 22-point victory. If you're a non sports fan, the main talking point is that Melbourne beat Sydney. Also, it was the Bulldog's first premiership win since 1954.


    And what a win it was. For us long suffering Dogs supporters, it was a win for the ages. For anyone else, I hope you enjoyed what was a high quality grand final.

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