Need Money For An iPhone 7? This Tool Tells You How Much Your Old Phone Is Worth

The iPhone 7 has just been announced and if you’re stuck on a contract or want to buy the phone outright, your best bet is to sell your existing handset. Many people turn to Ebay to sell their wares online. If you want to find out how much your phone is likely to sell for on the online auction website, Ebay has a handy tool that can help you. We also have some expert advice on how to increase the chances of you making a sale.

According to Ebay’s own data, there is a strong demand for second-hand iPhones in Australia. There have been 9.6 million searches for iPhone on Ebay in the past 12 months. An iPhone 6 Plus could fetch up to $1206 on Ebay.

There’s a big demand for phones from other major brands as well. There were 4.2 million searches for Samsung smartphones in the last 12 months.

Prices for handsets can vary depending on the condition, colour, model, specs and the location of the device. It can be hard to know how much to lists your phone for when you’re trying to sell it online.

The good news is Ebay has a tool that can help you with estimating just how much you’ll get for your current handset, aptly called ‘How Much Is Your Smartphone Worth On Ebay?

You just have to select the brand, model, storage capacity, colour and condition of your phone and the tool will determine how much your handset will sell for based on past transactions on Ebay.

We asked Ebay for some advice on what makes a mobile handset listing stand out. After all, you’ll be competing against a wave of other sellers who are probably also looking to make a quick sale so they can buy the new iPhone. These are the top tips Ebay provided to Lifehacker Australia:

  • Create a descriptive and keyword-optimised title: When you create a listing for your mobile device, the first thing you must do is come up with a keyword-rich title that will generate attention and tell the potential buyer the important details they need to know. Be sure to include the condition in the title. Some popular descriptors used by experienced sellers include NIB for “new in box,” new, used, not working, and NR for “no reserve.”
  • Write a detailed listing description: The listing description should tell the ‘story’ behind the mobile device to potential buyers. Include as much information as possible on the phone, its condition, what is included with the purchase, and most importantly why you are selling the device.
  • Use quality photos: Clear and brightly toned images will capture the attention of buyers. Showcase the phone with excellent photos from several angles to gain trust from buyers. Always be honest with the information you put in your listing description.

One important thing to do before you sell your device is to do delete all the content in it. That way you’ll reduce the risk of your personal data falling into the wrong hands.

Are you looking to sell your existing device to buy the iPhone 7? Let us know in the comments.

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