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If you’ve been dragging your feet getting the battery on your older iPhone repaired, you only have a few more months left to score a battery replacement for $39. Starting December 31, that replacement price will more than double, even if you qualified for a replacement under the less expensive program.


The iPhone 7 has just been announced and if you're stuck on a contract or want to buy the phone outright, your best bet is to sell your existing handset. Many people turn to Ebay to sell their wares online. If you want to find out how much your phone is likely to sell for on the online auction website, Ebay has a handy tool that can help you. We also have some expert advice on how to increase the chances of you making a sale.


If you're looking to boost the charging speed of your new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, the folks over at iLounge found that the new iPhone models can take a 2.1A charge -- like what you'll find in iPad chargers. According to some preliminary tests, iLounge found that both models can charge faster using a 2.1A supply, even though they ship with a 1A power supply.


Dear Lifehacker, I had to buy an iPhone 6 for work the other day, but I kept running into brick and mortar stores that refused to sell me an iPhone 6 unless I bought one on a plan. Are they allowed to restrict the sales of a hardware device unless they strong-arm me into a contract?