How To Tell If You Have A Dodgy Samsung Galaxy Note 7

How To Tell If You Have A Dodgy Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In case you’ve somehow missed the news, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is being recalled due to a nasty case of occasionally exploding battery. If you’re buying a used one, however, you can find out if its safe by looking for the green battery indicator.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

To denote a phone that Samsung has deemed safe and free from the defect that occasionally caused batteries to explode, the company has changed the battery indicator in the status bar to green. Simply boot up the phone and look at the status bar. If the battery indicator is white, either don’t buy the phone or return it to Samsung for a replacement.

If you have the packaging the device came in, you can also identify safe replacements if it has a black square on the sticker with several barcodes on it. You can check SlashGear’s post below for more information on how to spot a recalled device or a safe one.

How to tell a good Galaxy Note 7 from a recalled one [SlashGear]


  • I think the damage is done, I cant see many people buying the note even now if its fixed. it will carry the bad press with it.

    • Nope. I’m looking forward to when they’re back in retail, I’m still as keen post recall as I was pre.

  • I can’t wait to get one. My wife and I were just about to buy before the recall – we will buy two as soon as they are available again. Its a great phone and after this recall the units we get should be perfect.

    If there are more problems the warranty will cover it.

  • Having played with a unit (before sending it back), I am looking forwards to getting the replacement

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