The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Finally Back On The Market

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Finally Back On The Market
Image: Samsung

Samsung has confirmed that Galaxy Note 7 replacement stock is available for Australian customers from today. Earlier this month, the handset was recalled due to a battery fault that could potentially cause fires. The vendor has released a software update that will cap the maximum charge of batteries on recalled Note 7 handsets to 60%. Here’s what you need to know.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

After the software update is applied on affected Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets, customers will receive the following pop-up message on their devices:

“As your safety is our top priority, we urge you to stop using your Galaxy Note 7 and contact your place of purchase, Samsung Call Center or visit for further assistance. For safety concerns related to the battery, the maximum charge will be limited to 60% from now on. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

Note 7 customers can go directly to Samsung (you can find your nearest Samsung service location here) or their retailer/operator, depending upon their place of purchase, for a replacement handset.

If you do get a replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and want to verify that it isn’t afflicted by the same battery issue, here’s what you need to look for on the box of the new handset:

  1. A white sticker with a blue letter ‘S’; and
  2. A small black square on the white barcode label
  3. Check your IMEI number (you can find this on the box or by dialling *#06# on the handset) and check it here.
  4. The aforementioned software update will display a green battery icon to show that your new handset is safe to use.

[Via Samsung]


  • Even fixed, it’s probably a phone to avoid having now.

    You won’t be able to fly with the new model as aircraft crew won’t have time to verify if it’s fixed or likely to explaode, easier to just say “Note 7 is not allowed”.

    Likewise if your house burns down, how will the insurance company prove the blackened charred mess was fixed or not? They will just say “Oh, you had a Note 7 hmm?

    • I fly fairly regularly for work and they haven’t mentioned anything about the Note 7 so far.
      In another month the whole thing will have been forgotten so I wouldn’t let that deter anybody.
      I’m still planning to get one.

    • they will not stop u carrying it, they will only stop u using it, I was asked to turn of the phone completely when on board.

  • they never check what phone model you have on plan .. however its not recommended to have it on.
    Mistakes can happens, At list Samsung admitted the issue they are having and got it fixed straight away.. I cant wait till it comes back to the market to buy one .. I’m currently using note 5 and loving it.. previously an iPhone lover and will never go back

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