How To Dislodge Your Testicles From An IKEA Chair

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Well, this is a Lifehacker story I never thought I'd have to write.

It's a beautiful story of man takes shower. Man sits down in shower. Man gets testicles stuck in chair. Man miraculously gets his balls out of said precarious situation.

The man in question: Claus Jørstad of Norway. Claus made an interesting post on the IKEA Facebook page.

Apparently Claus has a knee injury, meaning that he finds it difficult to stand in the shower. His solution: an Ikea Marius stool.

Claus sits on this thing, relaxes, and gets his shower time in.

There's only one problem: his testicles.

According to the Facebook post, Claus managed to get one of his testicles stuck in a hole on on the Marius chair. Which begs the question: how does one remove their testicles from an IKEA chair?

The solution was accidental but, in hindsight, complete genius.

Cold water.

As the story goes, Claus simply sat rigid in the chair, thinking long and hard about life minus a testicle. Eventually the water from the shower ran cold, which cause the requisite amount of scrotal shrinkage required for him to stand up with both of his testicles intact.


So, today's Lifehack: if you ever find yourself in the shower, with your testicles lodged in an Ikea chair, you know what to do. Turn off the hot water, let your balls shrink and you're a free man.


    Testicles don't work that way. The size of the testicles doesn't shrink in cold water, only the skin surrounding them does

    You might say it was a teste-ing time for him.

    that guy's nuts, if he sits on a chair with holes in it in the nude.

    Ikea should consider this man, and any naturists who may become trapped in a similar fashion.
    Some building codes for fences demand a small gap between posts, to ensure children can't stick their head through (and get stuck in a similar fashion).

    I want Ikea to release a "testicle friendly" version of the stool. With publicity to match.

    You have to wonder how "accidental" this "accident" was. Personally, I have not found that my junk just happen to fall into a hole that is small enough to get one of them stuck.

    I think he was playing, and actually putting them in the holes for fun, because the size and number of holes on that chair pretty much preclude an accident of them falling in there.

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