Why You Should Avoid Checking Email First Thing Friday Morning

Why You Should Avoid Checking Email First Thing Friday Morning

Sometimes checking email first thing in the morning helps you get it over with and focus on more important tasks. However, there’s an equally compelling case against checking email first thing. If you work better ignoring your inbox in the morning, you’ll want to make sure you steer clear on Friday mornings in particular.

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Your peak hours may vary, but if you’re a morning person, you don’t want to waste your peak energy hours on presumably frivolous tasks like email. As Inc.com points out, by the end of the week, your energy is depleted, so you really want to take advantage of the first couple of hours of the day on Friday, because they may be your last peak hours of the week. They write:

…there’s a good chance your energy will dwindle over the course of a Friday. Given that, don’t waste your peak hours at the start of the day on email. Plus, remember: people aren’t likely to be responding to emails on a summer Friday, so why are you wasting your last few hours of the week on emails?

Again, your own mileage will vary, and it’s not like all of us have a choice in responding to some emails. If you find your inbox sucking up your peak hours, though, this tip is worth a shot. For more detail, head to the full post.

7 Things Ridiculously Productive People do on Summer Fridays [Inc.com]


  • I don’t know why we think that checking email is trivial. I must do it first thing at work: have there been overnight crises that need attention in our remote offices or front line services? Has the CEO sought information for his talks with suppliers/customers/partners? Are any of my field staff needing me to comment on their proposals?
    My records management system sends alerts for approvals via email, meeting papers come via email (until we use the records system properly, but the notices will still be via email).
    Email is work. I’m expected to check it throughout the day; I expect my staff to be live to it.

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