Five Useful Microsoft Excel Tricks You're Probably Not Using [Infographic]

How to Master Microsoft Office Excel

If you've mastered the basics of Microsoft Excel and you're looking to boost your spreadsheet skills, this visual guide explains some useful tips and shortcuts you may not have tried.

This graphic, from Quill, features five tips and shortcuts you can use to become spreadsheet pro. You'll learn an easy way to quickly copy data and formulas down an entire column, have Excel speak numbers as you type them so you never accidentally enter an incorrect value, and freeze panes so you can scroll down massive spreadsheets and still reference data easily. You'll also learn how to create simple data projections with the Forecast function, and use pivot tables to analyse and summarize large amounts of data. You might know some of these tips, but even if you're an Excel master, there's still always something to learn. Check out the full graphic below.

Excel Tips, shortcuts, and hacks to streamline spreadsheets like a pro [Quill]

Five Useful Microsoft Excel Tricks You May Not Know About


    Talky Excel!
    I always used an 3rd party util for this function, nice to see it.

    after doing lots of data importing lately, ive learnt to use and love 3 features that a lot of people overlook

    1. Tables (being able to refercence columns by name and with intellisense and not need row references is a godsend, and auto fill down formulas, auto expanding named range)

    2. Remove Duplicates - quickly remove duplicate rows

    3. Flash Fill - black magic that can infer a pattern based on one example you give it, great for splitting names or extracting dates or numbers out of a string

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